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“A great music test at a fair price” means we give our clients the highest quality research at a price they can afford. Scorecard delivers quality data using top-of-the-line sample and extensive control measures that ensure respondents are who they say they are.

Recruiting and Testing Process:
  • Qualified respondents are recruited through online samples, mobile phones and landlines
  • Never any scam artists or professional test-takers
  • Speed controls and “dummy hooks” ensure respondents remain engaged and provide real opinions about each song
User Experience:
  • Respondents take tests online from any location, on any platform, at a pace that works for them—with the ability to pause and pick up where they left off
  • Randomized hooks mean every respondent rates songs in a different order from one another, eliminating test order bias
Leading Industry Partnerships:
  • Highest quality hooks from Hooks Unlimited
  • Data delivered using state-of-the-art Analyst sorting software from Cornerstone Research
  • Go beyond testing hooks and ask perceptual questions about your station or market
  • Test nonmusical audio content and video clips
  • Get listener feedback on station imaging and logos

“Emmis brands have utilized Deena’s music research many times with excellent results. We know Deena to be a stickler when it comes to sample integrity, which we see as key to music library studies. Her price and attention to detail are outstanding. I can recommend Deena highly.”

– Rick Cummings, President, Programming/Emmis Radio

“I’ve worked with several research companies and Advantage was a big advantage for me. Reliable data I can be confident in from my listeners in all my hot zips, delivered in a timely fashion. Plus great follow-up and analysis.”

– Steve Suter, Operations Manager/Audacy New Orleans

“Quality music research that you can trust is essential. Advantage does everything right with strict quality control so I’m confident in the results. I’m very particular about quality research and Advantage delivers.”

– Mike Shepard, Consultant

There are a lot of music tests out there to choose from. Some are too expensive and come with more bells and whistles than you need. Others are cheaper, but they are of such poor quality, they provide data that can actually do you more harm than good. With Scorecard from Advantage Music Research, you get the high-quality test you need, at a price that works within your budget.

At Advantage Music Research, we know how important good test data is to a station’s success. We believe any station, big or small, should have access to the test it needs, and we believe it should be of high quality and at a fair price.

Deena Hollander, President
Deena Tells Her Story

Radio has always been a big part of my life, so it seemed fitting that I would join a market research company right out of college where my primary focus was radio.

After working in the industry for almost two decades, I noticed that radio programmers were continuously left frustrated when it came to music testing. They were often left with only two options: A high-end test that didn’t fit in their budget, or a low-cost test with a low quality sample and data. And that’s why I created Advantage Music Research.

I wanted to give radio stations what they really need—a great music test at a fair price—while also improving upon the research methods currently used by the industry.

For more information on Advantage Music Research and Scorecard, call Deena at (908) 864-0073 or email at deenahollander@advantagemusicresearch.com.

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